Hangers are produced in natural colour lacquer finish,polished chrome hardware and hook,more designs &  colours on request

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    • 1. According to the material can be divided into multiple tube, stainless steel, aluminum alloy types, pipe and stainless steel with a basic class, aluminum prices higher, which is suitable for iron pipe, pipe coated stainless steel layer outside, heavy, but after a long time is easy to rust, the li...

    • As the baby boom, the two-child policy fully liberalised and increasing disposable income of residents as a whole, to the children's clothing consumption will gradually rise.Children's clothing industry is gradually increased, but also indirectly led to children's clothing sales of wood hangers.

    • Wood hangers a common household items.Nowadays, with the development of the apparel industry, wood hangers in the household of people life, not only more wood hangers played it in a lot of clothing stores display function.Professional display division must know that the stand or fall of wooden hange...